WTIG and its partners are focusing on Africa’s development countries by establishing a dedicated consortium for every project as required.Africa requires lot of infrastructure projects; a key driver of Africa’s growth has been its richness in natural resources which facilitate the development.

The Rationale for WTIG’s Consortium:

The lack of infrastructure in Africa is widely recognized
  • Transport: The road access rate is only 34%
  • Power: Only 30% of the population has access to electricity
  • IWater: Resources are underused. Current levels of water withdrawal are 3.8%
  • Telecommunication: Internet penetration rate is only about 6%
Deficits like these have a clear impact on African competitiveness: African countries,particularly those south of the Sahara, are among the least competitive in the world, andinfrastructure appears to be one of the most important factors holding them back. Africa has about 20% of the world’s land mass and 16% of its population, but only 2.5% of its gross domestic product (GDP).

Consortium Targeted Segments

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